Friday, April 4, 2008!

So I finally took the dive and purchased for one year from Thanks to Chris Pirillo, an Iowa native, and University of Northern Iowa Alumni, I purchased for one year for the low price of just $7.15 (see Chris Pirillo's GoDaddy Coupon's here).

As of right now I don't plan doing much hosting (if at all) with GoDaddy, since most of my online content is hosted on, I'm assuming, much more dedicated servers (and not too mention free!) but I will enjoy the little pleasures of being able to direct people to "," or "" I did however happen to make a "homepage" or as I like to call it "an online portal" that you are redirected to when visiting

The Dock is written completely of Javascript and a few graphics. I must give credit to Safalra's Website for posting the great tip! I think it ended up looking pretty cool.

You'll have to check it out and tell me what you think!

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Mathman said...

Looks good. I have been thinking about changing my web site ( so that it links to my blog, my Facebook page, and my wife's Facebook page. I have some content there now, but I just never get around to updating it.