Sunday, January 6, 2008

Finally some good news about the HD Format War.

According to this post I saw on Mac Rumors, Warner Brothers has officially ditched HD-DVD for Sony's Blu-Ray format. Personally this is both good and bad. I'm excited that a lot of the critics and pundits are saying that this MAY end the format war, but at the same time, I was hoping Sony's format would fail miserably and go the way of ATRAC3, MiniDisc, and UMD Movies. Oh well, I'll let Sony have this one as long as they can promise the type of advances that they are claiming (Multi-Layer 50+ GB Disks).

On a related note, I made my FIRST edit *gasp* of a blog post. In my first post I said that I was eagerly awaiting/hoping that Apple adopts a High-Def format at Macworld. This news about WB and the fact that Apple is on Blu-Ray's Board of Directors makes me think that they will adopt the Blu-Ray format and I'm hoping we see this as early as Macworld!

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